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In Farmacia Fores Jover Cinta we are specialists in



Your skin and hair also talk about your health The skin is ...


The bigger ones

Take care of yourself at home Some prefer to come to the pharmacy to control their paraphernalia ...



We are experts in taking care of you. Because it is our profession and in what in ...


Pregnancy and babies

Congratulations! New stage, new challenges and many first moments! In the adventure of having, ca...

Health services in Farmacia Fores Jover Cinta

presion arterial

Blood pressure control

Measurement and monitoring of PA (PA) to control values ​​and avoid cardiovascular risk factors.

cribatge cancer

Colon cancer screening program

Screening based on the analysis of the patient's feces to prevent and be able to act in fas ...


Custom dosing system (SPD)

Creation of a system to aid in adherence to treatment through ...

analisis facial

Dermo advice

Analysis and determination of the routine and ideal assets according to the type of skin and its ...

preve risc cardio

Determination of cardiovascular risk

Measurement, determination and assessment of different parameters that affect the risk c ...

Ase. nutricional

Dietary and nutritional advice

Support, recommendations, follow-up and guidelines to achieve your nutritional goal, improve ...



Perforation of the earlobe to put earrings.

analisis hemoglobina

Glycated hemoglobin analysis

Measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) for diabetes monitoring, control, and prevention.

consell Homeopatic

Homeopathic advice and phytotherapy

Specialists in homeopathy and phytotherapeutic advice to look for holistic solutions ...

Lipid profile analysis

Measurement and determination of the level of certain lipid substances in the blood. How...



Specialists in orthosis products and technical aids.

Cistelles nado

Personalized baby baskets

Creation and decoration of personalized baskets with products for babies and mothers.

Rapid analysis of cholesterol and sugar

Rapid determination of blood glucose and cholesterol values ​​by finger puncture.