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In summer, count where you walk. And it is that the heat of the summer invites to visit places like swimming pools or campings, also in doing excursions and realize more sport in the free time. Your feet may be more exposed to heat and moisture, and also to a condition known as athlete’s foot.

It is a very common and common fungal infection in summer. Let's get to know it a little more and see how to prevent it so that you can enjoy it this summer.


Athlete's foot is a fungal infection, which usually appears in the space between the toes. It appears frequently here due to the warm, humid atmosphere that occurs in closed shoes. It can also arise on the heels and sides.

Men tend to suffer more from athlete’s foot than women and this can be very contagious. Its transmission occurs by contact with socks or by going barefoot in swimming pools and gym showers, for example.

Common symptoms you may experience if you have athlete's foot are:

  • Dry flaky skin, which can be detached between the fingers

  • Itching

  • Redness

  • Inflammation

  • Bottles

  • Bad smell

  • Nail discoloration, modification of its volume and even loss if it is affected

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The good news is that you have to be careful not to suffer the consequences of athlete’s foot this summer. Follow these simple tips to avoid this annoying condition:

  • In spaces such as swimming pools, public showers and gymsavoid going without shoes. When you go, always bring some flip flops with you.

  • When you finish showering or get out of the sea or pool, dry your feet well. Don’t forget the space between your fingers.

  • Let your feet breathe, takes the opportunity to be barefoot at home.

  • Wash towels often that you use to dry yourself and don’t share them.

  • Wear breathable footwear and socks.

You can also use some drying product before wearing it, if you have a tendency to have fungus. At your pharmacy, they will be able to advise you on all the resources you have to protect yourself, or treat you if you suffer from athlete's foot. Always follow his advice!